HDFC Education Loan

Overseas education loan come into picture when students desire to cherish their dream of studying abroad and making a career. Undoubtedly, it could be one of the key decisions of your life, which can completely help you make your life better. While there are many options to consider for overseas education loan,  HDFC Credila education loan is a desired choice among NBFCs as it was the first NBFC to pioneer in unsecured loans for students looking to go to USA. EduLoans provides overseas education loan for Credila through its dedicated  loan guidance counsellors which caters to each student with dedicated attention to get him the best deal from HDFC Credila. If you are here for knowing about the  HDFC Credila education loan, the table below will assist you in learning about each detail.

Parameters HDFC Credila
Loan Amount Secured : Any amount


Unsecured : Upto 35-40 Lakhs

%age of Loan Against


Collateral Provided

100 % of Property Value


(Exception for higher amount possible)

200 % of FD Value

(Case to Case basis)

Collateral Property



Chain Agreemnet, Registered Sale Agreement,


Occupancy Certificate / Completion Certificate or

Approved Building Plan (Naksha), Share Certificate

(Front & Back Side)

Flexibility on any of the missing docs (Case To Case)

Once reviews by Legal Team

Consideration On


The Basis Of

Secured :


Property (Non Agricultural Land)

Multi City Collateral Acceptable

FD’s (Only HDFC Ltd.)

Unsecured :

Academics of the student

Competitive Exams Performance

(GRE / TOEFL / IELTS etc.)

Country, University & Course Applied

& Co-Signor’s Financials

(IT Returns &Cibil Report)

Student Profile Flexibility (Case to Case)
Incidental Cost NA
Interest Rate (ROI) Secured :


11.25 % to 11.75 % (Negotiable)

Unsecured :

11.75 % to 12.75 % (Negotiable)

Interest Paying During


Moratorium Period

(Flexibility Available)


Partial Interest amount payable as per Amount

Disbursed in Tranches

Multiple repayment Options

Moratorium Period EMI’s start after 1 Year post the completion of course


(Can choose to pay earlier to save Interest)

Income Tax Benefit Under


Section 80E

Yes (Benefit to Co-Signor)


(I.T. to be paid only on Overall Income (Less) Interest


Processing Fees 1.00 % + GST (Non Refundable)
Turn Around Time (TAT) Secured : Approx. 8-10 Working Days


Unsecured : Approx. 4-6 Working Days

(Post Submission Of All Documents)

Margin Money Secured & Unsecured :


0 % i.e. 100 % Funding of Sanction

Co-Signor’s Profile



I.T. Returns (Last 2 Yrs. – Mandatory) &Cibil Report
Maximum Repayment



Upto 14 Years


(From date of 1st Disbursement)

Additional Charges No
Countries They Do Funding



All Countries


MBBS Courses abroad & Pilot Courses not funded

HDFC Credila education loan through EduLoans

EduLoans recommends HDFC Credila education loan to students who are considering NBFC options to fund their education. Some of the key benefits offered ae-

  • No margin money
  • Tax benefit under Section 80-E of Income Tax Act
  • Zero upper limits the loan amount
  • Flexibility with the requirements of collateral security
  • Pre-approved loan even before applying to Universities

Eduloans works very closely with HDFC Credila education loan department and gets the best deal available for your overseas education option. We have done over 1000+ cases with HDFC Credila with an overall rating of 4.9 on google. Please reach us through our website. – to get the best deal for Overseas education loan.

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