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Under the prevailing circumstances of pandemic and given that many nations are facing their second and third waves of COVID-19 already, a lot of students face a harder time in wrapping heads regarding pandemic’s impact on their career and education. While study loan for Canada and education loan in USA had remained extremely popular up until 2019, the present scenario has changed considerably. As of last year, there were over 8 lakh students in India who had enrolled for admission in various courses across the world. But now, the global education for higher studies is seeing unprecedented challenges. While the pandemic has created an impact on almost 50% of the aspirants going abroad for higher studies, a lot of universities are also considering vital protocols and providing completely safe environment for education to the overseas students.

On the overall, which of the two countries is better for studying abroad- the U.S. or Canada? Here is a comparison.


Considered as one of the superpowers of the world, the U.S. remains a top priority of most of the students aspiring to go abroad for their higher education.Education loan in USA isn’t as simpler as it may seem because of the higher demand, a little trickier VISA process and various safety protocols. Yet, the U.S. is very well aware of the importance of students from international borders. It is estimated that as many as 81% of the students aspire for their higher education in the USA, despite the current scenario of COVID-19 and given that the country has the highest number of positive cases.

However, the students must know that just like India, all the regions in the U.S. aren’t so badly affected by the pandemic. Some of the universities in the USA are not in the main cities, which is why, they have managed to keep their students safe from the pandemic. The universities have opened campuses for the international students. Therefore, now is a good time to consider education loan in USA. The campuses are following all necessary CDC protocols, such as physical distancing and regular campus sanitizing. Plus, there is also a perfect blend of online and on-campus classes.


At any given day, Canada is an excellently safe country for students aspiring to studying here. Indian students find Canada especially attractive because of the sheer number of Indians already settled there. Some regions of the country feel like completely Indian neigh bourhoods, while Indian communities and cultures have special place there. Cabinet ministers in the country are Indians and Punjabi is one of the official languages, which makes this country like a second home for Indian students willing to study abroad. As far as job opportunities are concerned, there isn’t any dearth of good companies. Study loan for Canada is high in demand and it remains a preferred choice among lakhs of Indian students.

Despite the pandemic, Canada maintains high regard and safety protocols for students coming from overseas. The campus sanitization drives, temperature checks and social distancing have become a part of regular life now.

Conclusion- which is better?

While a student may choose to study wherever he/she wants, U.S. is always the top priority for several reasons. Technological advancement, STEM courses, which ultimately land you near your dream companies in Silicon Valley and high pay scales than anywhere across the world make the U.S. a great option. Having said that, Canada isn’t lagging behind anywhere else in all aspects and has as much credibility as the U.S. universities and colleges.

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