Scholarships for Students

Securing a letter of intent from a foreign university for your education is one of the happiest things ever. However, what’s even worthy is getting a great scholarship. Loans for students studying abroad are readily made available to professionals and young adults willing to make their careers fly by going abroad. But, exorbitant amounts of college fee and living expenses can make the entire studying experience burdensome.

Add to it the fact that cost of living in most foreign countries is more than the average living standard in India. In such a scenario, scholarship for the current college students can be a top-up to overseas education loan. There are ways to manage your education loan abroad with different ways, and scholarships are one of those.

While many organizations and institutes offer scholarships for the students coming from India, there are also the other kinds where current college students can ask for the financial aid from these organizations. These scholarships are an excellent way to adjust loans for students studying abroad.

EduLoans for getting great scholarships for current college students

EduLoans has Dedicated Loan Relationship Managers (RM’s) who come at your service for your overseas education loan. Lesser turnaround time and right and transparent information are some of the sure shot pros that you get with EduLoans if you do wish to check out for scholarship options. There are dedicated experts who can assist young professionals and current college students with some of the great scholarships.

Some of the great scholarships for current college students

Loans for students studying abroad come with their own set of limitations and restrictions. Higher rate of interest is one of the most burdensome, but bitter truths about overseas education loan. Living abroad may require you to add additional funds to your education. You may need to re-fuel your education journey by way of scholarships or other top-ups of finance. That being said, here are a few good scholarship options for students who can finance their education while being in college currently.

Fulbright Scholarship Program

This scholarship makes those college students eligible who have an incredible academic achievement or certain set of academic parameters as laid down by the organization granting scholarship. This scholarship is available to students in Africa, Asia and Europe for courses like STEM, Journalism, Communication and Public Health.

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Program

Just like the previous one, this scholarship is also available on merit basis. Through this scholarship program, over 1,450 high school students have made it to the renowned names of Yale, Princeton and Harvard in a span of 25 years.

The Gates Scholarship

This scholarship not only asks for meritorious background of a student for eligibility, but also applies to/prefers people belonging to particular gender, ethnicity and heritage. Tuition assistance is provided to students coming from weaker economic sections.

There are a lot of scholarship programs that are available to students while they have also applied for loans for students studying abroad. Some of the great scholarships for current college students can be found with EduLoans. You can get in touch with our experts through our contact forms on the website.

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