Are you stressed about your plans for studying abroad due to this crisis situation that we are currently facing? There’s no denying the very fact that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused feelings of stress, fear, and anxiety among st us as our regular livelihood has been disrupted by this pandemic. The new rules of life or the ‘new normal’ could be scaring you to some extent leaving you to ponder on what’s going to happen next especially when it comes to flying abroad and applying for education loan for study abroad. But you are required to take good care of your physical and psychological state. It is important to strengthen your immunity system and bring down the strain level with the assistance of the subsequent methods and expert recommendations on handling stress and anxiety. This blog post will highlight a few tips to lower your anxiety and stay calm during these times.


Exercise offers innumerable benefits. It reduces the body’s stress hormones which decrease the overall level of tension, elevates, and stabilizes your mood and improves sleep. Breathing exercises also are very helpful ad they enable more air flow into your body and helps to calm your nerves which ends up in stress reduction. Try to dedicate a minimum of 15 – half-hour for understanding which may be wiped out the shape of walking, running, yoga, breathing exercises, aerobics and luxuriate in the amazing benefits of an equivalent. Regular exercise will help your immunity system fight against any virus and infections later in the foreign land when you will pass through your education loan for study abroad process and fly to your dream destination.


Meditation should be an important part of your routine. Dedicate at least 10 minutes of your day for meditation to stay happier and calmer. It is proven that regular meditation can help your brain activity shift from stress-prone right frontal cortex to the calmer left frontal cortex. It will also help students inculcate a sense of self-discipline and improve their work performance. Meditation is a great way to train your mind to be alert and positive towards your dreams and future plans of getting a competitive education loan for study abroad. Therefore, invest some time for both your physical and mental well-being during this phase.

Pursue a Hobby

Due to tight schedules and deadlines involved in getting admission to a good college and attaining the best education loan for study abroad, you have always missed out on doing things that you used to when you had time. The unexpected joy of taking up a new hobby is amazing. Try to bring the past practices back into your life with the help of this extra time. This will help you stay optimistic and connected to positivity.

With regard to your education loan for study abroad and staying calm during the COVID-19 situation it is important to get your documentation right to get a hassle free process when things improve. Let’s look at a few pointers which you can keep ready so that you have less stresswhile applying in the future.

  1. Student academic documents – please keep ready all your academic documents which include your degree certificates as well as your GRE score and university and course admits.
  2. KYC documents – please keep your passport, Aadhaar card, PAN card handy and ready to apply.
  3. Parents KYC documents – Please ensure parents PAN card, Aadhaar card, and address proof such as electricity bill, telephone bill etc.
  4. Parents financial documents – All lenders require three years income tax returns of your parents. Please take a printout of the same and keep them ready.
  5. Collateral documents – please keep a Xerox copy of the registered chain agreement of the property along with occupational certificate and completion certificate. Any local municipality registration proof/Receipts also I required to applied for educational loan.

The Bottom Line!

This pandemic will eventually pass and life will slowly take its usual course.With this basic set of documents ready rest assured your anxiety should be abated.  Don’t panic or stress because it isn’t good for health. Practice healthy habits, spend quality time with family, stay connected with friends, and specialize in activities that you wish to do but couldn’t do them earlier thanks to time constraints. We at Eduloans hope this text helps you to scale back anxiety and motivates you to develop a habit or hobby of your develop a habit or hobby of your choice. If you still feel anxious, please do call us at eduloans and we will be happy to guide you through a positive life that’s waiting right after when things get back to normal.

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