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What is collateral?

It can be expensive if you decide to study abroad and go for an overseas education loan. The overall cost that will be incurred including the fees for studying abroad depends a lot on the choice of country. For example, an MS in the USA will typically cost around the US $65,000- $70,000. A number of public sector banks, private banking institutions, and financial corporations offer different kinds of overseas education loans at varied rates of interest. Nationalized Banks offer overseas education loans up to 7.5 lakhs without the need for arranging any collateral by the borrower allowing one to get an education loan without collateral.

However, for a credit limit crossing 7.5 lakhs, most organizations ask for a deposit of any asset as collateral. The collateral is asked to handle the NPAs, i.e., the Non-Performing Assets in case the borrower defaults on the loan payments. Collaterals are a risky business, and many get uncomfortable at the thought of taking a loan against their personal assets as security. Hence, an education loan without collateral is highly sought.

Education Loan without Collateral

Wouldn’t it be great if no collateral is required for loan amounts exceeding 7.5 Lakhs? Good news is that non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) and private lenders can provide collateral-free loans for a higher amount, but the only downside is that the collateral-free loans are sanctioned at a slightly higher interest rate as compared to education loans taken with collateral. Banks generally ask for co-applicant details when you apply for a collateral free loan. Not only this, banks also ask for the income documents such as salary slips or income-tax returns (ITR) of the co-applicant before sanctioning the education loan without collateral. Following banks provide education loans without collateral:

Bank of Baroda Overseas Education loan

Bank of Baroda offers education loans without collateral through the Baroda Scholar scheme which is given for MBA, MCA, MS, and other notified courses that help with job creation. To avail this Bank of Baroda Overseas Education loan without collateral in India, the student must have secured admission to the notified institute and course. The loan without collateral limit for specified institutes is Rs. 80 lakhs and for non-specified institutes is Rs. 60 lakhs. However, they only offer unsecured education loans from 7.5 Lakhs onwards.

SBI Study Abroad Education Loan

Being the country’s leading nationalized lender, SBI offers Global Ed-vantage and Student Loan for students who want to study abroad. For overseas education, SBI primarily offers SBI overseas education loan with collateral. Unsecured loans, i.e. education loans without collateral are available only for the best of the best colleges, and that too up to ₹ 7.5 lakhs only. They do not offer any Unsecured loans of higher amount.

Avanse Study Abroad Education Loan

Avanse education loan for studying abroad is designed keeping all the student requirements in mind. The Avanse overseas education loan for studies abroad covers 1,626 universities, 1,262 colleges, and more than 6,000 courses across 44 countries. They provide pre-visa disbursement loan, pre-admission loan, bridge loan, fast-track loan, score-based benefits, and ensure that the applicant faces no financial issues while studying abroad in order to elevate their career to the next level. Avanse provides both collateral and non-collateral loans based on student’s profile with no defined limit on the loan amount.They provide maximum upto 50 Lakhs.Avanse has a wide range of education loan without collateral for all countries such as UK, USA, Australia and Ireland. The maximum limit of the unsecured loan varies with the country and profile of Student and parent.

HDFC Credila Foreign Education Loan

Along with tuition fee, Up to 100% of other expenses including living and hostel expenses, travelling expenses, examination fees, library/laboratory fees; purchase of books / equipment’s/instruments/uniforms; passage money for studies into India; purchase of computers / laptops considered necessary for completion of the course as decided by HDFC Credila. Travel fare restricted to one economy class return ticket between India and the country of study. Co‐applicant(s) need to provide documentary proof to establish their relationship with the student, to the satisfaction of HDFC Credila. In case the collateral to be provided is not provided by one of the above relatives, then the collateral could be provided by one of the following relatives provided they are brought into the arrangement as Co‐applicants. They provide maximum upto 40 Lakhs. They mainly look at GRE score which needs to be above 300+ for getting education loan without collateral. They provide one of the best terms in the market for MS bound STEM student to the US.

 ICICI Bank Education Loan

ICICI Bank provides Unsecured loans, education loans without collateral, to leading global Universities. They have categorized Universities as A1/A2/A3/A4. They provide fixed interest rates between 10% and 11%. The university list is more global compared to its peers. ICICI bank has dedicated RMs from each region and they look to provide you home service. The Bank is very aggressive and for an Unsecured loan, an ICICI overseas education loan without collateral, you can look at a very economical loan from the Bank.


Mpower is an international lender which provides Mpower education study abroad loan without collateral and without cosigner. They are funding Masters students who are going for TOP MBA’s as well as Engineering courses to Top global Universities. Currently they are funding only US Universities with a few Canadian Universities. Compared to other Education loans without collateral they are very convenient as they are online but are expensive as they have interest rate ranging from 10.99% in USD terms. They have fixed interest rate with


Prodigy is the pioneer global financial institution who provides Prodigy overseas education loan without collateral based on Student admit. They started in 2010 by providing MBA aspirants Non collateral education loan just based on the admit by the student. They interest rate is variable depending on the profile of the student. They can provide up to 100% financing

US Banks

US banks offer education loan without collateral to international students who have valid US cosigners who are green card holder or US Citizen. They do not process fees and are very cost competitive. Through Eduloans we have got interest as low as 1.87%. They provide the most cost-effective education loan without collateral.

The FINAL Verdict on Education Loan Without Collateral

All banks have various criteria to look at overseas education loan without Collateral. The overseas unsecured education loan mainly depends on the student profile. Banks generally look at providing education loans without collateral, to master’s students studying stem designated program or MBA. It is very rare for people to provide unsecured loans at the undergraduate level. Further, countries like the US have more options compared to other countries like UK, Canada, Australia when it comes to unsecured overseas loan options. The Students GPA and well as his score in competitive exams like GRE and GMAT is taken into consideration. The GRE score of 300+ and GMAT score of 650+ is generally a requirement for education loan without collateral.

We are EDULOANs with over 15 channel partners that can guide you to the most appropriate education loan provider and look forward to help you get the education loan without collateral or, for that matter, the cheapest education loan based on your eligibility. There are non-collateral options for an education loan might help you to understand in better way. We are digitally connected and hence you can look to save time for your overseas education loan process.


FAQs – Education Loan without Collateral

  1. What is collateral in the context of education loans?
    Collateral refers to an asset or property that borrowers are required to provide as security when obtaining a loan. In the case of education loans, collateral acts as a guarantee for the lender in case the borrower defaults on loan payments.

  2. Are there education loans available without the need for collateral?
    Yes, some banks and financial institutions offer education loans without the requirement of collateral. However, these loans often have a limit on the loan amount, and they may have higher interest rates compared to loans with collateral.

  3. What are the options for education loans without collateral?
    There are several options available for education loans without collateral, including schemes provided by banks such as Bank of Baroda and State Bank of India. Additionally, private lenders like Avanse, Credila, ICICI Bank, MPOWER, and Prodigy offer education loans without collateral.

  4. What factors are considered when applying for an education loan without collateral?
    When applying for an education loan without collateral, factors such as the student’s profile, academic achievements, competitive exam scores (e.g., GRE, GMAT), and the selected course or university are taken into consideration by lenders.

  5. Can international students studying in the US get education loans without collateral?
    Yes, some US banks offer education loans without collateral to international students who have a valid US cosigner, such as a green card holder or a US citizen. These loans are usually cost-competitive and can be a viable option for funding education expenses.

  6. How can I find the most suitable education loan without collateral?
    EDULOANs, along with its channel partners, can assist in guiding students to the most appropriate education loan providers based on their eligibility and requirements. They offer a digitally connected platform to streamline the overseas education loan process and potentially save time for applicants.

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